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Model wearing an evening gown by Christian Dior, 1950. Photo by Irving Penn.



Wedding Kimono




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1950 Blue silk taffeta w/ metallic gold brocade dress, fashioned from Indian sari.


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Up Close: Evening Mantle House of Worth Late 1890s (X)

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(When I find an awesome movie or drama that made my list, I make a silly manip of it. That’s how I keep track.)

"Ace Attorney"

Go watch this movie. It’s awesome in a lot of ways! 

Pros: Mirei Kiritani and Hiroki Narimiya were so awesome as Maya Fey and Phoenix Wright. They portrayed their characters so well that it didn’t feel over the top. They stood out from the silliness that was unnecessary in the movie  (Ugh so much so that I made a manip of this); Cool special effects; awesome courtroom!; and the “Objections!!!” were so cool! 

Cons: Takumi Saito did a good job portraying Edgeworth, but I feel his character is so lacking; Silly game traits did not translate well on screen; and it was kind of blotchy in some spots.

I started playing the Phoenix Wright games in anticipation of the new Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright game coming out. Maybe it’s my love for puzzle games and Professor Layton that I am thoroughly enjoying Phoenix Wright as well!

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How’s this cosplay of Ace Attorney's Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey?

Masamune as Phoenix Wright || Kazuki as Maya Fey


Riding Spencer




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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Julien Macdonald prêt-à-porter | S/S ‘13

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